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Reiki Master Robin Heaton offers Reiki healing sessions, Reiki Training, and Reiki Attunements in her offices in the Sarasota, FL area, as well as in client’s homes in the Sarasota, FL area. Robin also offers distance healing sessions by phone.  A Dedicated Energy Healer, Teacher, Therapeutic Intuitive, Reunion Process Facilitator, and Nutritionist, Robin has been working in the alternative health field for more than 25 years.

A session with Robin includes Reiki healing and deep energetic clearing.  Her work raises one’s vibratory rate by clearing and balancing the chi,  much like acupuncture does, but without the needles.  It relieves stress and removes energetic, physical, and emotional blocks, enabling one to grow and move forward in life.

Robin also offers ReUnion Process sessions which use a dynamic technique with Kinesiology to access and clear psychological, emotional and spiritual patterning from childhood, ancestry, and DNA lineage in the body, fields, mind and subconscious.

Treatments are performed while one is fully clothed, lying on a treatment table and usually run between 1 and 2 hours.  Sessions, training, and gift certificates are available.

Please call Growing Awareness Reiki, Robin Heaton 864-347-5534, to schedule your appointment.
Growing Awareness Reiki schedules sessions in her office in Sarasota, FL, and at client’s homes around the Sarasota, FL area, or distance healing sessions by phone.

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